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Who we are

Moonlight Labs was founded in 2015, but our roots go back much further. Our CEO, Lex Arquette, engineered Facebook’s homepage, user signup, and many other critical features used by over 2.5 billion people and were vital in Facebook’s early growth.

After tremendous growth driven by our customer-first values, Moonlight Labs has become a full-service development company, based in Maui, Hawaii. Our mission is to deliver the most cutting-edge service in product development and software engineering to the businesses of Hawaii and beyond.

 The Team Behind Moonlight Labs

Lex Arquette

Founder & CEO
Lex spent years as a User Interface Engineer for Facebook. He engineered the Facebook homepage, their registration system, New User Experience flow, and numerous other UI components. He also co-invented Facebook Live. Prior to his work at Facebook, Lex created the first web-based drag and drop website builder and co-founded the companies WhiteHat Security and Bit Discovery.

Lex now lives deep in a jungle on the tropical island of Maui and is delivering the most cutting-edge technology services to the businesses of Hawaii and beyond with Moonlight Labs.

Kwanza Woodson

Chief Growth Officer
Kwanza Joined our team in 2021 to lead our growth and business development efforts.

When not at work, he enjoys being active in his local community and has volunteered his time and talents with community organizations such as Rotary, the Maui Workforce Development Board, the Maui Economic Development Board, and the Maui Chamber of Commerce, as well as trade groups such as CIM, CCM & SHRM.

Hannah Sanders

Marketing & Project Manager
Hannah’s background is in social media and she has years of experience creating digital, photo, and video content for companies in multiple industries, including renewable energy, information security, and application technology, to name a few.

Hannah joined the Moonlight Labs team in 2021 and plays a major role in driving and tracking all customer projects, and overseeing all marketing efforts for the company. Hannah balances her work life by visiting new places, reading thriller novels, and supporting local businesses in her community.

Maxim Fedan

Principal Engineer
Max has a deep passion for building stuff. With over a decade of experience in web development, Max has proven that he can build a solution for any complex problem.

Max joined the Moonlight Labs team in 2020 and has played a major role in the success of our clients.

Vitaliy Didukh

UI/UX Designer
Vitaly joined the Moonlight Labs team in 2021 and has extensive experience in UI/UX. He plays a key role in identifying and troubleshooting complex UI problems in collaboration with stakeholders and developers. Vitaly has also been influential in developing the Moonlight Labs brand identity. 

When he is not working, Vitaly enjoys dancing, cycling, various sports, and VR gaming.

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