Moonlight Labs


b. 1986, HK.



We are a Maui based technology company with a focus on web software.

Moonlight Labs was founded in 2015 with the intention of allowing talented peers to moonlight on projects together, without leaving their day jobs. In the years following, we have transitioned into an on-demand service provider. For a monthly budget that is set by the client- we provide premium software development backed by talented engineers, designers, and product developers.

Lex Arquette Founder
Confectioner, magician, professional hacker, radio show host, software engineer, barista, live crab salesman — you may even recognize him sitting in Central Perk on the show Friends. Lex has lived many lives, but in this one, he's a Founding Partner. 
A Facebook alumni, Lex spent years as a User Interface Engineer for the social media giant. He engineered the Facebook homepage, their registration system, New User Experience flow, numerous UI components and co-invented Facebook Live. Today, over a billion people use the UI components he's engineered, and nearly 2 billion new Facebook users have gone through the flows that Mr. Arquette has single-handedly built. Prior to his "gig" at Facebook, Lex created the first web-based drag and drop website builder, and co-founded WhiteHat Security. 
Lex holds several patents relating to social networking and web application security, and lives deep in a jungle on the tropical island of Maui.

Ashley Guerrant Director of Product & Operations
Ashley's insatiable curiosity and versatility has brought her to this exclusive new technology accelerator. It is through her innovative work that she came to partner with Lex Arquette. While at Moonlight Labs, Ashley has established a number of high tech startups in a fast paced, cutting edge environment. A "Jill-of-all-Trades", Ashley's endeavors have a wide spectrum of a creation. Ranging from her degree in International Policy, to operations at a biotech startup, to helping an investment firm join the 21st century world of mutual funds, to recently co-founding Maui Microgreens — a high tech organic farming company at Moonlight Labs. She is passionate about helping people curate and build their visions; no matter the medium.
Ashley enjoys an active lifestyle on the island paradise of Maui, Hawaii. When not making the world a more clever place, Ashley enjoys distance running, yoga and taking dance classes.