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Scholar's App

Scholar's App

By connecting students to scholarships they qualify for and streamlining the application process, Scholar’s App helps students discover thousands of scholarships that are unapplied for and millions of unclaimed dollars.

Browse Scholarships

Students can use Scholar’s App to search, apply, and receive college scholarships.

The Moonlight Labs team redesigned this page and added more robust search and sorting functionality.

Apply for Scholarships

Checking student eligibility is integral to kicking off the application process. Scholar’s App saves time for the student and scholarship donor — by only allowing students who qualify to continue the application process.

Design modifications were made to the Eligibility Form and Eligibility Questions to simplify the flow.

Student Profile

Scholar’s App offers customized scholarship recommendations based upon student profile information. Also, information entered in the profile auto-populates across other forms on the platform. An especially valuable feature of Scholar’s App is a common application form that can be submitted for multiple scholarships.

UX/UI improvements were built to make the profile entry process concise and easy to use. Flow modifications were built to funnel students through the entire process, to ensure they would not leave the flow without completing their profile setup.


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