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Roxer is a mobile app that enables experts to monetize their audience through privacy-protected phone calls.

Your audience want to pay to speak with you, but you don’t want to give out your phone number or muck with billing. Roxer gives you a new revenue stream by enabling you to take paid calls from your audience. It’s like a phone call except with automatic billing, privacy, and a caller waiting room– so your phone only rings when you want it to.

Roxer’s Key Features

People can call you directly from your link, right from the web, and will get billed by the minute if you answer the phone. Your audience discovers your personal “Roxer Call Link” on your social media profiles, email signature, or anywhere you promote it.

People click on your Roxer Call link, which takes them directly to you Roxer profile. There, they’ll see pricing information and have the ability to call you directly from the web page.

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