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Bit Discovery

Bit Discovery

Secure everything. Asset Inventory that discovers, learns, and (finally) lets you secure everything.

Bit Discovery is a cloud-based solution that discovers, inventories, and monitors internet-accessible assets.

In 2015 the Bit Discovery concept was presented to Moonlight Labs. At the time, there was no product, website, branding, or even an official project name. There was only a massive database and an idea. Moonlight Labs developed the product concept, branding, user interface, and hosting– delivering an MVP in just 3 months. Today, Bit Discovery is a funded company boasting a customer list which includes some of the largest names on the Fortune 500. Moonlight Labs has operated as the sole product team for Bit Discovery since its founding.

More About Bit Discovery

By far the largest and most important unsolved problem in information security, arguably all of information technology, is asset inventory – or the lack thereof. Bit Discovery helps solve this problem.

Practically every Fortune 500 company, or other organizations up and down the financial spectrum, simply does not have an up-to-date inventory of what Internet-accessible assets they have exposed, know who is responsible for them, or even what their purpose is. These assets include websites, mail servers, DNS servers, VPN gateways, blogs, Internet-of-Things devices, and so on. And often these organizations have Internet-accessible asset inventories that often range in the 5, 6, and even 7 figures in total number – and likely do not even realize this.

The lack of an inventory of Internet-accessible assets directly impacts vulnerability scanning, regulatory compliance, third-party risk management, cyber-insurance costs, mergers & acquisitions, IT audits, security risk scoring and many more critical risk management business processes.

While creating an inventory of Internet-accessible assets for an organization may sound simple, and something they should already have, historically this has proven to be an incredibly challenging project. This is because Internet-accessible assets may exist on many different IP-ranges, domain names, or hosted services. Also, they may exist under a variety of brands, managed by subsidiaries and third-party partners, and may come and go without warning.

To solve this problem Bit Discovery has amassed a database of nearly 4.5 billion Internet-connected assets, which combines meta-data obtained from hundreds of third-parties to create the largest and most complete dataset of its kind. Bit Discovery’s technical innovations has made it possible for us to create an inventory for any organization nearly instantaneously by inferring ownership of given assets to others.

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