Joe Sabatino

Joe Sabatino

Joe Sabatino is a TV producer, writer, and actor. He came to Moonlight Labs to build an e-commerce website to sell and market his public speaking courses.

Joe's team provided video footage for 6 public speaking courses that we broke up into chapters and uploaded to a platform where students can purchase and take the courses.

Purchase page for the BehindTheTalk Bundle
How an enrolled student views the course

In addition to the course, we created a new website for Joe that boasts his experience as a seasoned business leader, actor, TV executive, and writer. He came to us with an old Wordpress site that was never completed, so we started from scratch on a new website that would show off Joe's unique expertise.

Joe's old website

On the new website, viewers can learn about Joe's background in Hollywood, browse his public speaking courses, and more. The website includes great content from Joe, including videos, blog posts, and social media content.

Visitors can see a video reel of some of Joe's past roles in TV and movies.
Visitors can browse through Joe's different courses

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