4 Easy Tips for Improving Your Business Online Presence in Hawaii

Small business owners manage every part of their business themselves– from customer service to product development to marketing. But that doesn’t mean you have time to learn how to do multiple departments well.

That means you need to focus on the activities with the hardest-hitting ROI. So here are four high ROI activities that will help you get your online presence driving revenue.

Active on Social Media

Social media is a massive hurdle for most small business owners. With so many platforms, algorithm requirements, and managing hashtags, it’s a full-time job on its own! But being active regularly on social media is tied to low-hanging revenue.

So how do small business owners in Hawaii maximize their efforts?

Start small. Only use the number of accounts you can realistically manage. That may be starting with just Instagram and building up over time.

Outsource the work. Employees are expensive, but hiring an agency or a freelancer condenses your payments to the project.

Work the algorithm. Do a little research to find articles that explain what the algorithm rewards, then shortcut the trial and error with proven methods.

Local SEO

Over 60% of online shoppers begin on a mobile search– and that mobile search prioritizes local businesses. So ensure that your website and content help push it forward, flagging it as a great location option for those mobile searches.

Easy ways to immediately increase the effectiveness of your local SEO include:

Create a Google Business Profile. Simply registering your business with Google allows the search engine to include you in relevant searches without additional content.

Use local news in your posts. Including local news and events in your content increases your natural use of local markers and captures readers’ attention.

Have location information on your website. Whether it’s on your “About Us” page or a location page, ensure that your full address and hours are listed explicitly on your website.

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Prioritize Mobile Website

The overwhelming majority of potential customers begin their search on their phones. That means it’s more critical to have a high-functioning mobile website than a desktop version.

A great mobile website will have the following:

Properly sized graphics and text. Most websites are designed initially in a desktop view– but pictures, infographics, and text need to resize and shift to fit a much smaller screen.

Easy-to-read colors, fonts, and spacing. Your fonts and colors matter more on a mobile device than on a computer. And remember to keep your paragraphs short so it’s easy to skim on any device.

Responsive links and menus. Some mobile sites route through the parent site, causing delays when users click on links or menus. Keep your mobile site functioning smoothly, so you can maintain user interest.

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Focus on Your Target Audience

With the media highlighting influencers with millions of followers, many small business owners feel discouraged about their odds of creating ranking content. Is it worth the effort if you have to go viral to succeed?

The good news is that followers aren’t the indicator of a working online presence. Instead, focus on creating value for your target audience only.

Focus on what is important to your ideal buyer. Know who your ideal client is and focus on content that is relevant and valuable to them.

Don’t participate in irrelevant trends. Certain trends can alienate your target market, so don’t mistake trends as a shortcut to a profitable following.

Incorporate partnerships with businesses that pair naturally with yours. Brand partnerships often increase profits for both businesses, so try working with another local company on social media.

Get Expert Help Optimizing Your Online Presence in Hawaii

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